A podcast for and about inclusive Germanic Paganism, Germanic Witchcraft, and Heathen topics. Exploring magick, runes, animism, and practices for today. GOTW stands against racist and bigoted ideals & practices.

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Jan goes solo in this episode to share the growing world-wide tradition of Väntljusstaken/Sunwait Candle lighting. This is a revitalizing of the advent wreath candles with a Heathen/Pagan purpose to help bring in the Yule time. 

The Sunwait candleholder has six candles to be lit the six Thursdays (or fridays/other day of the week, or even the 5 days prior to Yule) leading up to the winter solstice. Any six-armed candleholder will do, and you decorate it as you wish. Many use the first runes of the Futhark to mark the candles and manifest their runic power for the meditation and into the coming season/year.

There is a poem to go with the lighting of each candle here in English, but also on the website in Swedish, French, German and Dutch. 


Post photos of your candles and your experiences setting the intentions during this on Gifts of the Wyrd Facebook group and @Vantljusstaken Facebook page.  Follow  on Instagram @sunwait_candles and use  #Väntljusstaken #sunwaitcandles.

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Music: To Hear the Trumpets Call (intro) and Apple Seed Seduction by Hauk Heimdallsman. Hauk's music is currently on Bandcamp and you can find him on Facebook @HaukMusic. Hauk was interviewed on episode 5. 

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