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To discuss our attendance at Trothmoot 2019, I am join by The Wild Hunt columnist Luke Babb. Luke is an eclectic polytheist and a magical Jack of All Trades. They are the Herald of the Chicago Temple of the Fellowship of the Phoenix, where they help to design and offer education to the queer pagan community. They are also a proud member of The Troth. Check out Luke’s blog post about Trothmoot on the Wild Hunt.

Trothmoot is an annual event held by The Troth which hosts rituals, workshops, and its annual membership meeting. This year had a special meaning for many because it hosted a ritual devoted to Loki on it's main program, something that had not been allowed for 10 years. The prohibition was removed earlier this year. We talk about the ritual and how it meant to each of us with our own relationships with Loki and the community he connects with. 


 Heathen_History_Podcast.jpgCheck out the new Heathen History Podcast. The Heathen History Podcast is a joint effort of Lauren Crow and Ben Waggoner, longtime friends and co-founders of Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas. Inspired by Ben's research on the history of the modern Heathen movement for the third edition of Our Troth, each episode will be a deep dive into a person, organization, or event that deeply shaped modern Heathenry.  They strive to look as objectively as they can at the good, bad, and ugly in our past.  You can find them on Facebook and Twitter @heathenhistory

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