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Jan speaks with Jeremy Baer about his new Thor devotional book entitled Hammer, Oak and Lightening: A Thor Devotional.  It is published by The Troth and is part of a series of devotional books to the Gods and Goddesses of Germanic Spirituality. 

The book was released in early August 2019 and contains references to the stories of Thor, how he has been honored through different periods of time and people, and modern experiences, poems, and rituals to share and compare how he is connecting to people now. 

 Hammer, Oak and Lightning: Thor Devotional cover

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The Troth

Hammer, Oak, and Lightning: A Thor Devotional  Lulu link; Amazon Link; available as hardback, paperback, and pdf for eBook. (currently at a 25% discount on Lulu)

Odin:Ecstasy, Runes, & Norse Magic by Diana Paxson

Freya Lady Vanadis by Patricia Lafayllve

Ar nDraoicht Fein (ADF) 

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