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The Transformational Oracle of the Morrighan deck by Bela Siol

This episode we are going to take a short visit to our Celtic neighbors to visit with oracle deck creator Bela Siol. Bela created the Nehalennia deck (see episode 22) and, as she is also working on a Freya oracle deck, I thought it would be nice to discuss with her about the deck she is creating for The Morrighan. 

The Morrighan is a Goddess of the Celtic Pantheon and has close relations to Freya. I know many Heathens who work with The Morrighan, either regularly or occasionally.  So She is very much connected to many people. 

Update (24/8/2019): The Transformational Oracle of the Morrighan is scheduled for release in October 2019. Check out the relaunched Kickstarter campaign to back the project. It runs through 22 September 2019.

Find Bela and the Oracle on Facebook: @belasioloracledecks and Instagram @bela.siol Order the deck from Bela's website when it becomes available: Bela Siol

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