Discussions of Heathen shamanic, magic, and divination practices in a modern context. GOTW promotes and welcomes inclusive Heathenry and stands against racist and bigoted ideals & practices. Instagram: @wyrdgifts1 Twitter: @wyrdgifts

Episode 4, Jan and Laine discuss the modernization of Heathen ritual styles. We talk about blót and the varying style of an animal offering and other offerings, sumbels, ritual structure, and rites of passage. We also include a discussion about online sumbel and blót. Is it a valid resource for modern Heathens? is it sacrilegious? 

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Music: Finnish Folk group Värttinä has kindly given permission to use their music on the podcast. This is fun exciting music from the North. Check the music out on iTunes, Amazon and through their website: Varttina.com. Our music selection today is Lasetus. 

Silkwood Artisans - Silkwood Artisans creates divinations sets by commission and/or inspiration, as well as other new and repurposed items of beauty - both sacred and mundane. email: SilkwoodArtisans@gmail.com or find the page on Facebook. Beautifully crafted rune sets. 
The Troth - www.thetroth.org
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