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Oracle of Freya cover

The wait is over and the The Oracle of Freya - Journey of The Völva oracle card set is coming to kickstarter (and later for sale on the website) in October 2020. To "kick" off the campaign, I interviewed deck creator Bela Siol.

Bela is the creator of the Oracle of Nehalennia (episode 22) and the Transformational Oracle of the Morrighan (episode 29). These decks are still available at belasiol.com.

We have a fun time discussing her inspiration to create the Oracle of Freya and how Freya connected with her to do it. 

The Kickstarter campaign is live here with an anticipated shipping in spring 2021. 


Freya chant written by Bela Siol, sung and performed by Elsa Field.  Facebook: @elsafieldmusic or by emailing: elsa@elsafield.co.uk

Back the deck at the Kickstarter campaign here: 


How to find Bela and the cards: 

Facebook: @belasioloracledecks  Instagram: @bela.siol


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