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In April 2020, much of the world is practicing social distancing, staying at home (except for necessary errands/work), and finding alternative ways to hold ritual, socialize, and share experiences due to the worldwide pandemic. 

Enter online video conferencing. 

Video conferencing has increased in workplaces and as a venue for teaching and learning more than ever.  Among these cyber experiences is the growing use video conferencing for conducting rituals.

This is not new as online rituals have been around for a while, but with the need to remain at home, more are evaluating their views on the practice. 

Jan and guest Robb Lewis talk about the benefits of facilitating and participating in online rituals. We bring up that some people are decidedly opposed to them, but focus on the good things that come from the experiences.  Such as a better ability for participation:

  • from those who are not near others of a Norse Pagan practice
  • those who cannot attend due to physical or medical reasons
  • those who can join from long distances

Online rituals are not superior to in-person events, but they certainly make it possible for greater participation. 

Robb is a practicing pagan of over 20 years and is  the president of a newly founded Ring of *Ghosti-, a religion of hospitality. You can find out more about him at his Facebook page, his website, the Ring of Ghosti Facebook


Check out the Frith Forge 2020's online events 15 August 2020.

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