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Happy New Year 2019!! As part of new year's divination, Jan takes a rune pull for a broad look at 2019. A three-rune pull for the following topics: 

What to leave behind in 2018

What to work towards in 2019

High view look at a basic theme for 2019


Anticipating late September 2019 release of the English translation of Germanic Magic, Runes: Their History, Mythology and Use in Magical Practice by Gunivortus Goos. Check out his books in English, Dutch, and German at Boudicca.de.   Episode 18, Ostara, includes Goos' book, Eostre Ostara Eostar (under the pen name of Gardenstone). 

Special "guest" song by Damh the Bard: Thundersbarrow Hill. Damh has some really great music! Please check his website out. 

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Music: To Hear the Trumpets Call (intro) and Apple Seed Seduction by Hauk Heimdallsman. Hauk's music is currently on Bandcamp and you can find him on Facebook @HaukMusic. Hauk was interviewed on episode 5. 

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