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Welcome to another episode of Gifts of the Wyrd. This episode, we pipe aboard two Heathens serving in the US Navy who are taking steps to lead Heathen services (blots/study groups etc) aboard their commands. 

Josh and Josh are Troth members who serve aboard two separate commands and talk about their journeys to having Heathen (and Pagan) services and study groups regularly held while they are at sea. They joined me for an interview at the end of September 2018

The Heathen activities aboard a US Navy ship were recognized nationwide in early January 2019 with media outlets picking up a story about the services held during deployment. Our guest, Josh W, was interviewed in the story which was carried in the Navy Times, Washington Times, Daily Mail, and other outlets.   

Great job! 


The Troth, Circle Sanctuary, Open Halls Project

In March 2017, The Department of Defense added Heathenry and other Pagan faith groups to all branches of the military for official recognition. The Wild Hunt article describes more detail.

BOOKS: There are a lot of books on a variety of topics. here are a few basics for starting out. 

The Hávamál, A New Translation by Ben Waggoner. (check out other sagas and resources at the Troth's Lulu Store)

Essential Asatru by Diana Paxson

Words for Warriors by Diana Paxson (Lulu link to eBook and print book)

A Practical Guide to Asatru, by Patricial M. Lafayllve

The Poetic Edda: The Poetic Edda by Dr. Jackson Crawford, The Poetic Edda (Oxford World's Classics) Carolyne Larrington translation, the Lee Hollander translation, The Prose Edda (Penguin Classics), the Saga Six Pack series.

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