A podcast for and about inclusive Germanic Paganism, Germanic Witchcraft, and Heathen topics. Exploring magick, runes, animism, and practices for today. GOTW stands against racist and bigoted ideals & practices.

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Welcome to Gifts of the Wyrd, a podcast for and about inclusive Heathenry. 

This episode, my guests are Bat Collazo and Luke Babb to talk about - Loki and his family. Loki is a being of the Heathen/Norse practices who is often regarded as the trickster god not to be trusted, blamed for the end of of the world (Ragnarok), and should certainly not be honored or a part of any practice today.  

In this episode, we will not discuss the various myths and lore (you can look those up yourself in the Prose and Poetic Eddas or other Norse mythology collections) nor will we discuss whether one should or should not honor or worship Loki or any of his kin.  

We talk about our experiences and observations of others with them in the community.  

Bat is a queer Heathen of color, writer, crafter, and artist who is also heading up the Troth's upcoming Loki devotional (fall 2020) from Lulu.com. Follow Bat on Instagram at @batcollazo and on her blog, Batbruja

Luke is an eclectic polytheist and member of the Troth. They are also a member of the Fellowship of the Phoenix (a pagan order focused on queer experiences) and a columnist for The Wild Hut

Check out Turning the Wheel by Connla Freyjason available from Iaconagraphy  

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Music: To Hear the Trumpets Call (intro) and Nothing But Regrets (out) by Hauk Heimdallsman. Hauk's music is currently on Bandcamp you can find him on Facebook @HaukMusic. Hauk was interviewed on episode 5. Black Hat Society's latest album can also be found on Bandcamp.

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