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Welcome to episode 8. Thank you for joining us. This episode Laine and I talk about Heathenry in general. We touch on 3 short topics that we think are important to Heathen practice.

1) Inclusive vs exclusive Heathenry. Recently a prominent Asatru organization specified the qualifications for their membership – white, straight, and “family” oriented. We discuss the importance of inclusivity and welcoming people of all races, orientation, gender identity, abilities, and cultural backgrounds to worship and work with the Gods.

2) Localizing your Heathenry. Develop practices and traditions based on where you are and the natural cycle of events that happen around you. This may mean doing things at slightly different times than other regions do as well as honoring the natural events that occur.

3) Writing prayer devotionals and poetry/praise to the Gods and Goddesses. Ever seen that really neat poem or prayer as part of a ritual in a book. Or as part of a ‘book of prayer’? We encourage you to make your own. Start with just a few lines and add more if you like. This is your gift to the Gods – sharing with others is up to you. What is key to remember, is that this is your connection to the God or Goddess you write the piece for.

Thanks for listening.


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