A podcast for and about inclusive Germanic Paganism, Germanic Witchcraft, and Heathen topics. Exploring magick, runes, animism, and practices for today. GOTW stands against racist and bigoted ideals & practices.

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 Germanic_Magic_G_Goos.jpgListen in to a discussion with author Gunivortus Goos about his latest works to be translated into English (Germanic Magic) and updated (Goddess Holle).  Both books are lengthy volumes filled with fantastic history and ways to connect to a Germanic based practice of Heathenry/Asastru.  

Germanic magic is a modern system developed from Germanic folk practices and relationships with the Elder Futhark runes for an intensive magical experience today.  


Godddess_Holle_G_Goos.jpg Goddess Holle is revised and expanded to include lore, folk tales from the region, and how she is connecting to people today.  


Gunivortus' website (boudicca.de) includes all his books which are printed in Dutch, English, and German as well as articles, blog posts, and short audio files of stories and legends.

Order at Book Depository: Germanic Magic ;  Goddess Holle    

Listen to Episode 59 for Goos' return with his book The Secrets of the Mist Witches. 

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Music: To Hear the Trumpets Call (intro) by Hauk Heimdallsman. Also playes is Apple Seed Seduction by Hauk. Hauk's music is currently on Bandcamp you can find him on Facebook @HaukMusic. Hauk was interviewed on episode 5. Black Hat Society's latest album can also be found on Bandcamp.

Outgoing music by written and performed by Birgit Knorr: Heil Dir Holle. A song written especially for Holle.

All music selections on this podcast are written, produced, and copywritten by their respective creators/owners. They are used with permission.

Logo Created by Xan Folmer.

Logo based on the Vanic boar created by Vanatru Priestess Ember of the Vanic Conspiracy (Ember was interviewed on episode 7).

Studio recordings by Zencastr and Audacity.

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