Discussions of Heathen shamanic, magic, and divination practices in a modern context. GOTW promotes and welcomes inclusive Heathenry and stands against racist and bigoted ideals & practices. Instagram: @wyrdgifts1 Twitter: @wyrdgifts

Welcome to Gifts of the Wyrd, a podcast for and about inclusive Heathenry / Norse Germanic pagan paths. 

In this episode, I celebrate the fourth anniversary of the podcast. It's been four years of speaking with interesting people doing interesting things to manifest and hold inclusive paths of the Norse/Germanic traditions.  A big thanks to you all for listening and supporting the people and works that are being done. 

I also bid farewell to PantheaCon. After 26 years, PantheaCon retires with sad farwells and joyful memories. A new organization is currently planning for a convention to be held in the same location and same time frame beginning next year. 

I close out the episode with the full recording of Thunderbarrows Hill by Damh the Bard.  He creates some wonderful music (Check out Spirit of Albion among others) and I'm thankful he gave permission to play this song for you. 

I'm happy to be asked to contribute articles about runes to a few publications including Taufr ezine (@heidhrcraft #taufrzine) and The Cartomancer (@thecartomancermagazine #thecartomancermagazine). 

March 19, 2020: Today, the world is dealing with a pandemic called Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many are isolating and in quarantine status to help flatten the curve of infection rates and allow the virus to subside and not overwhelm medical treatment.  Along with others, I wish good health to you all. Please be safe, follow CDC/WHO guidelines, and treat others with kindness. 



Taufr_Spring_2020.jpgCheck out the first issue of Taufr eZine. Taufr is a publication of the new Inclusive Norse Path of Heidhr Craft. Take a look at this interesting path and my regular column: "You've Been Runed." 



Cartomancer_Summber_2020.jpgCheck out The Cartomancer magazine. The Cartomancer is a quarterly journal featuring original content in the form of articles, reviews, artwork and more. And I will have an article in the Summer 2020 edition!


Tarot Visions podcast for delightful cinversations with Jaymi and Rosered about Tarot and other divination.

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Music: To Hear the Trumpets Call (intro) by Hauk Heimdallsman. Hauk's music is currently on Bandcamp you can find him on Facebook @HaukMusic. Hauk was interviewed on episode 5. Black Hat Society's latest album can also be found on Bandcamp.

Interlude from: Voluspa Stanza 57 from Voluspa by Tonya Threet. Available on CD Baby.

Outgoing song in full (6 minutes): Thunderbarrows Hill by Damh the Bard from the Sabbat album. 

All music selections on this podcast are written, produced, and copywritten by their respective creators/owners. They are used with permission.

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Logo based on the Vanic boar created by Vanatru Priestess Ember of the Vanic Conspiracy (Ember was interviewed on episode 7).

Studio recordings by Zencastr and Audacity.

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