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Cover Ancestral Tarot book

Nancy "Sage Shadow" Hendrickson joins me for this episode to talk about connecting to the ancestors, tarot, and her new book Ancestral Tarot from Weiser Books. 

This is a practical book to help you connect to your ancestors using tarot, meditation, and intuition.  Available for order now with a March 2021 release.  Order from your local bookstore or online bookseller. Available in print, eBook, and audio-book. 

Share your book and ancestor experiences using the hashtag #IGotmyAncestors

Find Nancy in the following ways: 

Sage and Shadow Blog

Facebook: @SageandShadowTarot

Follow on Instagram: @NancySageShadow

Pinterest: @SageandShadow

Look for her monthly/twice monthly Instagram-live chats and articles in The Cartomancer Magazine

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