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Was a Germanic goddess Eostre or Ostara ever honored in the old days? Are Easter and the German 'Ostern' named after her? Does the widespread Easter lore have roots in ancient pagan rituals? The answers to these questions are disputed among both laymen and scholars. Often it can be hard to distinguish between faith and facts. Therefore, the available sources have been brought together in this book and offered with explanatory notes. However, it is left to the reader to consider whether in Germany a goddess Ostara, Eostar or Ostera was worshiped as was Eostre in England.

In this episode, Jan Tjeerd discusses the book by GardenStone for Ostara.  

Eostre Ostara Eostar by GardenStone is available from GardenStone's website and on Amazon

Ostara Artwork by Connla Freyjason - Iaconography. Poem by Jan Tjeerd.

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Outgoing: When the Dead Walk by Hauk from Apple Blossoms and Abandoned Tracks.

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