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Jan Tjeerd celebrates the second anniversary of Gifts of the Wyrd with a follow up to PantheaCon 2018 and shares highlights from the sacred sites tour in Germany after Frith Forge in October 2017. 

After Frith Forge, Jan and seven others embarked on a week long journey through the center of Germany to visit special locations. These sites included: Ringheiligtum Pommelte, Opfermoor Bogtei-Oberdorla, the geographic center of modern Germany (Niederdorla), Frau Holle Teich, Externsteine, Kalkriese, neolithic tombs from Wildeshausen Geest, Visbeker Braut, Kleinekneter Steine and Pestruper Graberfeld, and finally visting the Mythenpfad in Schleswig where the viking age settlement of Haithabue was located. 

Frau_Holle_Teich.jpg Frau Holle Teich, Germany

Listen to the background during the Frau Holle section and you will hear a brook that Jan recorded feeding water into Her pond. 

Take a look at this wonderful video edited by fellow Sacred Sites traveler, Noel.  It has images of all of the sites we visited together. 

Thank you for two great years and looking forward to many more episodes. 

Verein für Germanisches Heidentum e.V.

Contact Drew at Just Rewards for amazing amaber pieces. 

Diana Paxson and Seidhjaller

GardenStone's books can be ordered from Amazon or from his own site

Check out Beowulf store and the Mythenpfad in Schleswig, Germany. 

Thanks for listening


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