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Episode 15 of Gifts of the Wyrd celebrates the New Year of 2018 with a rune reading and a deck review. 


Using the Runes of the Northern Light rune deck, Jan does a Rune reading taking us into the first of 2018. 



The second half of the program I give a review of the deck, Runes of the Northern Light by Paola Tartara which is available from Llewellyn.  This is a really nice deck and I enjoy using it. It's vibrant, fun, and will make a wonderful rune resource for those who enjoy cartomancy. 


Veganomicon by Hauk Heimdallsman

Völuspá Stanza 19 by Tonya Threet. from Völuspá cd

Nothing But Regrets by Hauk Heimdallsman

(music used with permission)

Notes and announcements:

Runes of the Northern Lights by Paola Tartara. Deck with Runes depicted in a delightful retro style. Beautifully colored. This deckis now available and can be ordered from Llewellyn by your local book shop. 

Völuspá cd by Tonya Threet is now available. Tonya sets stanzas of the Völuspá to music. I have a copy of this and really enjoy it. Tonya will be on an upcoming episode.  available on CDBaby. Facebook page: Tonya Threet 

Check out The Cartomancer magazine. The Cartomancer is a quarterly journal featuring original content in the form of articles, reviews, artwork and more. The main focus is cartomancy in all of its forms; especially tarot, Lenormand, and oracle cards (including runes).  


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