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Episode 14 welcomes Author, Seeress, Editor (and more) Diana Paxson to discuss her latest book, Odin: Ecstacy, Runes, and Norse Magic.  While in Germany prior to this episode, I had the pleassure of spending a week with Diana and 6 other people as we traveled around central Germany to visit sacred and historical sites. We took a moment after a day of walking around Bronze Age grave mounds to talk about the book and the process leading to its writing. Diana Paxson's website can be found here.

A podcast will follow up about the international conference, Frith Forge, I attended as well as the tour. 

Intro: Völuspá Stanza 19 by Tonya Threet. from Völuspá cd.

Outro: Veganomicon by Hauk Heimdallsman

Notes and announcements:

The Christmas Oracle by John Hyatt and art by Vinnora. The Christmas Oracle is a 35 deck depicting scenes associated with the memories of holidays in North America. Based on those traditions, this divination deck will give you magical insights from the holiday season with its birght, colorful art. Deck includes cards with meanings, 3 spreads and a blank card to add something special of your own. 

Firth Forge. An international conference that occured in Petzow, Germany in October 2017 to bring European and American Heathen/Asatru organizations together. The topics of the conference were building relationships across the the Atlantic to continue inclusive heathenry and form strong alliances. The conference was hosted by The Troth and Verein für Germanisches Heidentum

Odin: Ecstasy, Runes, and Norse Magic by Diana L. Paxson is now available. check with your local metaphysical shop to see if they can order it from Weiser (support them when you can) or order from Weiser Books or your favorite online seller.

Runes of the Northern Lights by Paola Tartara. Rune deck with Runes depicted in a delightful retro style. Beautifully colored. This deckis now available and can be ordered from Llewellyn by your local book shop. I have this deck and will be doing an audio and YouTube review.


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