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This episode I speak with Victoria who started and maintains Freya Prayer Day. Victoria shares about why she created Freya Prayer Day, her relationship with Freya, and about her practice in general. And we have a nice time as friends chatting about the Goddess Whom we love and Who has called us to her fold. 

Please use the #FreyaPrayerDay when you post about it on Social Media and to find other conversations about past days via Twitter and other outlets. You can sign up for the monthly Freya Prayer Day newsletter at Victoria's blogLion & Dragonfly. Follow her on Twitter: @liondragonfly and Facebook: @FreyaPrayerDay and email FreyaPrayerDay@gmail.com

Lady Vanadis, poem by Jan Tjeerd


Intro: Five for Freya by Hauk Heimdallsman.

Outro: Freya Chant by Kindred Crow

Notes and announcements: 

Frith Forge 2017: an international conference among inclusive Asatru/Heathen organizations and indivuals sponsored by the Troth. 6-8 October near Berlin, Germany. Registration open until 19 Sept. Additional information on the Facebook event page.

Following Frith Forge is a sacred sites tour of Germany. Tour leaves from Frith Forge and tours around Germany 8-14 October. Visit website for additional information. 

Völuspá cd by Tonya Threet is now available. Tonya sets stanzas of the Völuspá to music. I've heard samples (one featured on Episode 11) and think it will be a really good album. I'm looking forward to my copy. Look for her on Facebook at Tonya Threet.

Odin:  Ecstasy, Runes, and Norse Magic by Diana L. Paxson is now available. check with your local metaphysical shop to see if they can order it from Weiser (support them when you can) or order from Weiser Books or your favorite online seller. 

Released on September 8 is A Handbook of Saxon Sorcery & Magic: Wyrdworking, Rune Craft, Divination & Wortcunning by Alaric Albertsson. This is a re-release of his earlier work Wyrdworking which is out of print. Book shops can order from Llewellyn (support your local shop) or you can order from your online retailer. Alaric and Taren Martin (creators of the Martin Anglo-Saxon Rune Deck will be guests on an upcoming episode).

Runes of the Northern Lights by Paola Tartara. Rune deck with Runes depicted in a delightful retro style. Beautifully colored. This deck will be available October 2017.


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Interested in a rune consultation or bindrune? Email me for availabilty and pricing. 

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