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Episode 5 Jan and Laine have their first guest to the podcast, Hauk Heimdallsman. Hauk is a Heathen musician and follower of Heimdall. Hauk talks about the process of creating music, creating Heathen based music, and about working with Heimdall. 

Join us for this very fun discussion with a great musical talent and a really nice guy. 


For Gifts of the Wyrd listeners: Hauk has made available four of his CDs for a special price of $20 including First-Class shipping to U.S. addresses (Priority Mail shipping $2 additional. Foreign addresses actual shipping price). only while supplies last. CDs include: 
No Mercy for the Slain; Love Songs, Lamentations, and Lifthrasir; To Hear the Trumpets Call; and Hard Lemonade. (offer good for these four CDs only). 


Email GiftsoftheWyrd@gmail.com for an invoice with Paypal details. 


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Music: All selections on this podcast are written, produced, copywritten and used with permission by Hauk. 
Intro: Veginomicon from the album Apple Blossoms and Abandoned Tracks - 2014
Raven's Wings from the album No Mercy for the Slain - 2008
SOB from the album No Mercy for the Slain - 2008
Ghosts of the Open Road by Black Hat Society from the album This Machine Kills Fascists - 2015
Excerpt: Five for Freya from Apple Blossoms and Abandoned Tracks - 2014
To Hear the Trumpets Call from EP: To Hear the Trumpets Call - 2008


You can find music by Hauk on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Rhapsody. 


Visit The Troth's website .
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