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Jan welcomes Larisa Hunter, publisher of The Three Little Sisters to discuss the company, the types of books and authors she is working with, and the republication of Teutonic Religion by Kveldulf Gundarsson. 

NOTE: March 2019. As of 25 March, 2019, Saga Press is known as The Three Little Sisters. text has been updated, however, reference in the interview will say "Saga Press".  Refer any questions or inquiry to The Three Little Sisters. 

 Episode breakdown: 

00:29 - Meet The Three Little Sisters and Larisa 

17:45 - Larisa's book: At Frigga's Feet

22:39 - Short discussion about The Story of Arbux. Use hashtag #ArbuxStory on social media


28:35 - Hear the story of how Teutonic Religion came to being republished

35:53 - Upcoming projects and kids books.

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