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Happy New Year 2017. 

Jan pulls runes for the incoming 2017. 

Rune pull for 2016 - what it was like

Where we are now

and 2017 - How we can move into 2017. 

Rune sets used: Rune cards by Freya Aswynn, citrine runes and runes crafted by Rodney Basler. 

Thanks for listening

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Intro: Shores of Norway from the album Love Songs, Lamentations and Lifthrasir by Hauk. www.haukmusic.com; hauk.bandcamp.com

Outgoing: To Hear the Trumpets Call from the album of the same name by Hauk. 


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If you are interested in a Vanir Challenge coin please contact Jan via the email above. The coin has a 9 bristled boar on one side representing the Vanir and a prosperity bindrune on the other created by host Jan Tjeerd. $10 which will pay for manufacturing and proceeds support the podcast and other inclusive Heathen organizations. 

If you are interested in a special deal of 4 of Hauk's CDs for $25 - contact Gifts of the Wyrd. Or download via iTunes or Hauk's website. 


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